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Hydraulic rising road blocker / Rising Kerbs

hydraulic rising road blocker
Hydraulic rising road blocker: Hydraulic rising road blocker are designed especially for high security vehicle entrances and for locations that has to be closed for motorized traffic on specific times (like private roads, controlled parking areas, industrial areas, shopping lanes, marketplaces etc). Whenever a vehicle collision occurs; bollards...
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swing arm autogate system

Swing Arm Autogate System : We specialize in the design and installations of swing arm autogate system Operator For Home, Office, Hospital And For Industrial.The automated system for swing-leaf gates consists of an electrical pump and an hydraulic piston transmitting the leaf movement, assembled in a single block.The model...
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Automatic Roller Shutter Doors installation/repair service

automatic roller shutter electric motorized
Automatic Roller Shutter An Electric Motorized Remote Control Kit System Installation Service We specialize in the design and installations of Automatic Roller Shutters for Home, Industrial, offices, shop front and domestic roller shutters. Our sophisticated range of roller shutters can easily enhance the beauty, value and security of...
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Security walk through gates Metal Detector

portable walkthrough metal detector
Security walk through gates Metal Detector Installation Service Product Description The multi-purpose multi-zone Security walk through gate metal detector used primarily for weapons detection at locations including Passenger Screening at airports and Seaports, Visitor Screening at Courthouses, Federal Buildings and Prisons. Automatic Under-vehicle inspection system/under vehicle inspection mirror...
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Stainless Steel Railings Fabrication Works for Residential Commercial

stainless steel railings and wood handrails
Stainless Steel Railings Fabrication Works for Residential Commercial Stainless-steel is remarkable for its corrosion resistance, and it’s far broadly used for meals managing and cutlery among many other packages chrome steel is used for corrosion-resistant tools which includes this nutcracker chrome steel does not comfortably corrode, rust or...
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Barbed Wire Fence Stretcher Tractor Supply Installation Service

barbed wire fence for boundary security
Barbed Wire Fence Stretcher Tractor Supply Installation Service The most practical and ultimately successful design for barbed wire was patented in 1874 by Joseph Glidden, a farmer in DeKalb, Illinois. Glidden’s design had three important characteristics: barbs prevented cattle from breaking the fence, twisted wires tolerated Temperature of...
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automatic roof opener system installation service

sliding roof automation
Automatic Roof Opener System Installation Service: Automatic roof opener system provides several advantages to all types of residential and commercial buildings. It is an ideal one for preventing potential environmental threats by meeting exact needs. Controls & Schematics offers high quality roof automation services to increase more comforts...
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Rubber Speed Hump

  Controlling vehicle speed with a speed bump or speed hump is the most effective method to improve the safety of a parking lot, driveway or private road. Choose from our large IN STOCK selection of rubber speed bumps or plastic speed bumps High visibility road speed bumps...
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