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Swing Gate Automation

Sliding Gate Automation

Roof Automation

Roller Shutter Automation

Access Contorl System

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Sliding Glass Door

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Fiber Glass shade

Under Vehicle Inspection

Under Vehicle Inspection System Installation Service
Automatic Under-vehicle inspection system/under vehicle inspection mirror: An automatic under-vehicle inspection system generally consists of imaging systems mounted on a roadway and used at facility access points, particularly at secure facilities. An automatic under vehicle inspection system is used to detect threats—such as bombs—that are hidden underneath vehicles....
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x-ray baggage scanner machine installation service

These x-ray baggage scanner are designed with builtin shielding to help prevent radiation from exiting the device. However, a small amount of radiation may come out of this shielding this is termed “leakage radiation.” There are federal limits placed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on acceptable...
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Home/Office audio intercom system

audio video door phone intercom systems
Home And Office Audio Intercom System Digital FM 9-channel 4-station If you are interested in improving the comfort, safety, and security of your home, you might consider buying a home intercom system to have installed.  If you don’t already know, you will soon see that you have a...
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home security video doorbell kit intercom system installation

home security video doorbell kit intercom system installation Com-max communication Line mains communication, com-max telecom are systems for carrying data on a conductor also used for electric power. Wireless video intercom Electrical power is transmitted over high voltage transmission lines. Distributed over wireless video intercom battery tester eliminate wireless...
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automatic systems traffic barriers installation service

Automatic Systems Traffic Barriers: 1st Choice Security System has many years of experience in the field of parking and traffic control system Itsautomatic systems traffic barriers, bollards, and access control can be combined to provide highly effective traffic management for applications that include office parking, residential developments and...
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Swing gate Automation systems

electric motorized automatic swing gate system
  Automatic Swing Gate Motorized Remote Control Kit: And yet do you still get out of your car, walk to your yard gate, drudgingly open it, walk back to your car, drive through the gate and then run back to close it? Or for reasons of convenience, do...
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Hydraulic rising road blocker / Rising Kerbs

hydraulic rising road blocker
Hydraulic rising road blocker: Hydraulic rising road blocker are designed especially for high security vehicle entrances and for locations that has to be closed for motorized traffic on specific times (like private roads, controlled parking areas, industrial areas, shopping lanes, marketplaces etc). Whenever a vehicle collision occurs; bollards...
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swing arm autogate system

Swing Arm Autogate System : We specialize in the design and installations of swing arm autogate system Operator For Home, Office, Hospital And For Industrial.The automated system for swing-leaf gates consists of an electrical pump and an hydraulic piston transmitting the leaf movement, assembled in a single block.The model...
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