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Electric Fence for home/office/industry/garden boundary wall security


Electric Fence installation service:

Create a dead short on the fence line, preferably 300 ft from the ground Lean steel posts on a hot wire as shown to short out your fence. Use a Dare #2411 Digital Voltmeter or similar electric fence meter. Place the meter probe on the ground wire or rods. electric fence advice Extend the meter lead wire as far away as possible, attach to a wire probe and insert probe into the soil.

Boundary Wall Razor Wire Fence Installation Service

(Wire probe supplied with Dare #2411).  If the voltage reading exceeds 300 volts, the grounding system is inadequate and more ground rods should be added.  Install posts and wires and gates. Space wires according to the type of animal you want to control.

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22 thoughts on “Electric Fence for home/office/industry/garden boundary wall security

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